Equipment with chemical cleaning


Is your pool plaster stained and not looking its best?

Acid wash is a great way to clean stains from your pool. A thin layer of the plaster is stripped away, leaving a fresh layer of plaster.

Using an acid wash on your pool will brighten the finish. Mineral stains and/or deposits, chlorine stains, even dirt stains can all be removed with an acid wash. Your pool will look like new.

Faithful Pool Service, helps you take care of your investment. If it’s a business investment or entertainment for your family in your back yard, it requires care and upkeep to make sure it lives a long and healthy lifetime.

Our Acid Wash Service includes:

* Draining of your swimming pool

* Debris removal

* Acid spraying

* Brush and rinse with fresh water

* Fresh water refilling

* Chemical Balance

Acid requires special handling. It’s extremely dangerous and our employees are trained in the exact way to use the acid. They also have the appropriate protection for clothing and masks. Unless you have all of the protective gear and the proper training, we do not recommend that you try this yourself.

Advantages of Acid wash:

  • Calcium nodules frequently build up on the pool’s surface. Usually, they may be taken off by sanding, while the pool is empty.
  • Algae, mineral stains, even dirt stains…an acid wash can make a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

Unlike other types of pool maintenance, which are scheduled frequently, an acid wash should be used only as needed. For pools with regular use, an acid wash is usually only needed once every four or five years. However, the frequency will depend on the state of the pool and the quality of the plaster.

We’ll drain your pool of water, remove any debris, power wash the pool, and then clean its surface with acid to remove any buildup on the plaster.

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