Swimming pool in a garden

Pool Opening & Cleaning

Ready to have your pool cleaned by the best?

A swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable home entertainment centers. You and your friends and family relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Faithful Pool Service offers different pool and spa cleaning services.

Our main pool cleaning services include:

Eliminating all dirt, grime, algae and unwanted debris
Measuring pH levels to ensure the proper chemical balance
Cleaning the tiles, baskets and walls
Repairing, replacing or upgrading your pool’s cleaners
Inspecting and cleaning all filtration equipment and pool pump
Vacuuming the pool floor
Identifying and fixing any cracks or leaks
We provide our customers with quality pool service at a price that won’t break the customer pocket. We will treat your property with the dedication and care it deserves.

We carry a huge variety of different chemicals to aid this process and mobile pumps that speed up the time it takes to get from green to clean. We can even turn the pool blue again when there is no power at the pool.

Our trained experts will keep you pool sparking clean, as you enjoys all the benefits:

  • Pool cleaning recommendations from our licensed technicians
  • More time for you to relax and actually enjoy your swimming pool
  • Save money with regularly scheduled full cleanings as needed
  • Your pool will always be safe and enjoyable for your family and friends
  • Compliments from your friends and family on how clean and great your pool looks

Overall maintenance and sanitizing can take up a large amount of your time but this cannot be a hindrance to the safety of your family, friends and guests. To be able to enjoy the luxury of swimming, it is best to maintain your home with the right pool cleaning service.

Our pool technicians understand that the satisfaction of our customers is their number one priority and that if ever a customer is unhappy with the standard of their pool cleaning the technician will be sent back every day until the customer is completely satisfied.

We know what we need to do on a weekly, monthly and annual basis to give you the very best pool experience possible. Contact us for more information at (850) 529-4788.