Swimming Pool Inspection


  • Is your pool or spa leaking?

    Faithful Pool Service is the world leader in finding swimming pool and spa leaks.

    When your pool was built, it was watertight. Over time, the ground settles and fittings and plumbing parts wear out. The sealant breaks down and your pool may begin to leak.

    It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, heat, and chemicals, but also to prevent undermining pool structural components and washing away fill dirt.

    We have years of experience in pool and spa leak detection and correction. We also offer:

    * Pool and Spa Services

    * Pool Repair

    * Pool cleaning

    * Pool Maintenance

    * Leak Detection

    * Acid washes and Stain Control

    * Pool Renovation

    * Pool Resurfacing

    * Full and Partial Pool Services

    Our highly skilled technicians use all currently available tools and technology to locate the source and cause of the leaks. They will identify recent work or structural changes, analyze weather patterns in the area, inspect the present condition of the pool equipment. Employing our advanced technology, we locate the leaks and fix the problems.

    We can patch small leaks on the vinyl liner, repair leaks in light niches, replace gaskets and fix structural cracks on pools including tile and grout repairs.

    We will repair any pool pipe leak, including repairing or replacing pool equipment. We will then give you a “Leak Status Verification” for insurance companies and realtors.

    Contact us for more information at (850) 529-4788.