I was born in Port Arthur, TX and lived there until about the age of 5. I then moved to Arkansas and lived there until I graduated high school. I was raised on a farm there and learned how to build fences and barns, tear down and rebuild tractors, and care for cattle. I also learned how to pray, read my bible, and hear God. My mom and dad taught me a great work ethic. I remember my dad teaching me a few things growing up:

1. Whatever I set my mind to do, I could do.
2. Anything a man put together you could tear it apart and put back together.
3. Always treat a person like you would like to be treated, and that God was in everything and that he would help you in everything.

After high school, I went to college in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Auto Diesel College and got a degree in Auto and Diesel Technology. I went into that field for about four years and found it was rough, back breaking work, and that it was not what I was called to do. I was still looking for something that would fulfill me. I went into the Air Force and served a term, having a blast traveling the world as a crew chief on a tanker jet (KC135), and deciding that was not my calling, returned to Arkansas and started working for my uncle on swimming pools. This is where I found my niche. I worked for him over 5 years, learning the ins and outs of how to build pools, clean pools, and anything there was to do with a pool.

After working those years with my uncle I decided to get out on my own. Certain circumstances led me to move to Pensacola, FL, and after living here for a while, I saw the opportunity to work on pools again. At that time, I went to work for another great pool company in Pensacola for a little over four years, and after that, the owner signed me off confident in all the pool industry work and gave me the ability to take my state contractors test and become a state licensed pool builder. This all happened around the end of 2007.

Within the first year after starting the business, I met my beautiful wife-to-be, Brandy Henderson. We have now been married six years and we now have three gorgeous girls (Alexis, Alana, and Belle) and one handsome, strong boy (Benjamin) that are the highlight of my life. I have now found my complete niche in life, being a servant to God, a husband to my wife, and a father to my children, and owning and running a swimming pool business in Pensacola, FL.

Meet Our Team

Lance Triplet

Hi, my name is Lance Triplet, and I am the owner of Faithful Pool Service.

Duane Adkins

Duane Adkins has worked for pools for over ten years and has worked with Faithful Pool Service for about a year. He cares for his grandson, Maddix, and is a musician in his free time.

Ed Ballow

Was born in Madison, WI but has lived in the Pensacola area since ’77. He is married to Lisa, and together they have two daughters, Anna and Emma. Ed has 25+ years of pool cleaning and service technician experience and has a long standing work relationship with Lance.

Jeremy Mahan

Was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. He is married to Sandi, and together they have a daughter, Starlin. He also has a pit-bull named Gator Girl. He has operated a pool route with Faithful Pool Service for two years and has built great relationships with his many of his clients.

Jason Schwartz

Was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. He is married to Kristy, and together they have a son, Eli. Jason is a certified electrician and has 10+ years of experience. Jason’s family and Lance’s family have a long history of working together, and they make a great team on service calls.

Ernest Cross

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

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